Measuring Crime

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Criminology Crime is usually committed by the criminals with no problem, but it’s what comes after the crime that the victim is faced with that is the hard part. Crimes are supposed to be reported but unfortunately, sometimes victims fail to report them. People often forget how important reporting crime is. Without these crime reports it becomes very difficult to collect crime data. However, for all the unreported crimes, there are reported crimes, as well. When crimes are reported, it becomes easier for officials to collect crime data and measure crime. The main way crime is measured is by surveys and official records. There are various surveys and records used across the nation to monitor and measure the crime that takes place.…show more content…
This is definitely one of its major weaknesses. There are many reasons people do not report crime. Some of the reasons can be that victims may not think it is trivial to get the police involved, other victims may not trust the police, not everyone has insurance to cover the cost of the crime if it deals with their property, victims also may have fear of retaliation of the criminal or someone similar to the criminal, and lastly victims may already be in trouble with the law; engaging in illegal activities themselves. All of these reasons may make sense to the victim, but in the end this does nothing but tamper with the actual number of crime. All of this unreported crime is called the Dark Figure of Crime. It's all unreported and unknown to law enforcement agencies. This is not the only weakness the UCR faces. This UCR does not monitor most drug use. Drug offenses are considered a Part II crime, which are taken lightly. However, in this country drug usage is a very large problem and is a popular issue among many. Another weakness is that the UCR leaves much room for reporting errors. There are times that a police report is given and it contains false eyewitness accounts, or information is left out. There can be so many reasons for errors, and it is really hard to monitor because the UCR is shown in numbers, so there's no way to really figure out where the error lies. On the same hand though, there are
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