Measuring Customer Satisfaction Impact On Business

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction Impact on Business Successful organizations today, typically all have one thing in common, great customer service and an effective means for measuring overall customer satisfaction. Whether the industry is sales or hospitality, the customer is internal or external, customer satisfaction is the key to an organizations overall success. Each one of us can think of great customer service we have experienced, but more importantly, human nature is to dwell on the bad experiences we have endured. In most organizations, operations managers play a key role in analyzing the customer experience, learning from the good and bad, and using this information to drive a customer centric culture. Thorpe (2012) conducted interviews with retail customers and found that most do not believe organizations take customer service and satisfaction seriously. The reality in today’s business world is organizations are placing the customer experience at the top of the list, primarily due to the vast competitive landscape and the continued increase in e-commerce. Organizations that are having success are listening to the consumers, building the customer experience through specific customer service measurements, therefore differentiating themselves from the competition. In this paper, I will discuss several ways organizations are capturing data to measure the customer experience. Additionally, I will present some of the quantitative and qualitative performance
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