Measuring Performance, Cost, And Scheduling

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A project’s performance, cost, and scheduling are all part of quantifying earned value. Analyzing a project’s earned value is necessary when reporting to stakeholders. The data must be comprehensive in nature to ensure stakeholders appreciate the assessment of the project in its current status. Measuring performance is critical throughout the duration of the project because project managers and stakeholders can make acute decisions relating to scope creep, crashing a project, or quality in performance or product. Earn value analysis link the project’s baseline plan to the current status and measure the difference. The prognostication of a project’s end state and its performance are available for review through the collection of data retrieved from earned value analysis. This paper briefly addresses earned value analysis reporting best practices. Keywords: Stakeholder, customer, value, analysis Value Analysis Reporting The imperative nature of the triple constraints on project calls for a tracking and measuring method that project customers, stakeholders, and project teams must recognize. According to Dow and Taylor (2015) earned value analysis permits such a process; it displays continuously pertinent data in terms of time and cost rate (Dow et al., 2015). The information from the analysis is used to keep stakeholders and project managers aware of the project’s progress. They then in tern make decisions base off the relayed information. Earned value reporting is
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