Measuring Sexual Aggression Perpetration Of College Men Essay

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Measuring Sexual Aggression Perpetration in College Men:
A Comparison of Two Measures
Maria Testa, Joseph H. Hoffman, Joseph F. Lucke, and Colleen E. Pagnan
University at Buffalo
Manal Abdelshahed This study designed to measure of the sexual aggression using the self report measures. This study was designed to compare rates of self reported sexual aggression perpetration among college freshman males obtained using two different measures and a version of the Sexual Experiences Survey and the Sexual Strategies Scale. The second aim of this study was examination of the psychometric properties of the two measures using Rasch analysis. They compared rates of any sexual aggression and of three specific types of sexual aggression tactics assessed by both measures: verbal persuasion, victim intoxication, and physical force or threats of force. The author expected that by presenting items in nonhierarchical order, in the context of less severe items. The second goal of this study was to assess the psychometric structures of the two measures which are used in the study. The previous studies pointed to that it has been little psychometric examination of the hierarchy of severity presumed to underlie these measures, a second and important step. Sexual aggression severity may be conceptualized as involving two orthogonal dimensions: tactic and an outcome to verbally coerced intercourse to attempted rape and rape. The analysis allowed us to determine the extent to which items
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