Measuring success in Information Systems Essay

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Businesses are run in a majority of cases considering primarily money. Keeping costs as low as possible are the rule for them. And when it comes to spending money in IS and IT, it does not get too different. Companies ask themselves “Was the money spent in the implementation of the new IS worthy?” or in doubt if the benefits are equal or better than the money invested (Should I change my IS system? How can I know if the IS department is helping my company to improve its business or not?). For these and many other reasons, measuring the success or failure of IS not just in a financial perspective, but also considering technical side and user viewpoint is important.

Various improvements in almost every kind of business in the last fifty years are, in big part, due to advances in information systems (IS) and information technology (IT). Every year a new kind of technology (hardware, software) comes along to improve the efficiency of business, allowing fasters responses, simulations of scenarios, more data management, customer’s relationship services and others. Initially, it is important to define Information systems and information technology and how they relate. According to Trinity College Dublin information system programme official website, “Information Systems (IS) is the study of how information and communication technologies (IT) can best be applied — in business, government and society”. As detailed by “Britannica - The Online Encyclopedia, information system is an…