Measuring success in Information Systems Essays

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SERVQUAL gives a good view on managing which and how the services are being offered, user satisfaction with them and which service needs improvement. One point in favour of service quality measures is that according to Gartner Group (2012), application support is one of the spending trends. However, it does rely on questionnaires and scales on a very limited part of what constitute an IT department, leaving aside mainly the technical and financial aspects. Also, Van Dyke et al. (1997), citing Teas (1993), expresses three possible interpretations of “expectation”, what could cause problem with the results. Carman (1990), by Van Dyke et al. (1997), questions the ability of the model to be valid in multiple industries with considerable…show more content…
It is also not process based but product based, but its framework can be relevant when accessing the technical aspect of information system. Overall, this ISO is not the ideal model but can be useful as said earlier because of its framework and general concepts. However, it does not inform the standards, just the components; lack of direction with measures, with not clear definition of what is good or not and it has a static structure, not involving for an implementation or development. Palmius (2007) proposed a criteria model to analyse IS. Five dimensions form it with each one of them containing topics and each these are formed by sub-topics. A brief summary of the model: • Organization – topics that are interesting to sales and management and how IS improve the company’s productivity. Performance, control and economy are the topics; • Individual – relates to individual production and satisfaction within the system. Emancipation, ergonomy and communication are the topics; • Information – the quality and access to information. Access, quality and durability are the topics; • Technologic – all physical items that take part in managing and distributing information. Usability, security, software and hardware are the topics; and • Systemics - how well the IS fit into what can be said to be a good general system. Cybernetics, model conformance and systems properties are the topics. This model is the most complete of all seen in this study,
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