Meat Is An Integral Part Of Many People 's Lives Essay

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What would happen if everyone on the planet went vegan? All the farm animals would gone that 's what would happen. The farm animal populations are thriving today because of meat eaters like me. It may sound harsh, but if everyone stopped relying on meat then all the animal loving people can say goodbye to the little piggies and chickens they care for so much. There is nothing wrong with eating meat. I am sick of people constantly trying to demonize meat like it 's the spawn of satan. I feel as if people who are against the consumption of meat fail to understand what humans are and the reality of nature itself. False “scientific” claims and theatrical approaches designed to tug at people’s heartstrings pollutes the discussion about meat. Meat is an integral part of many people’s lives and many have valid reasons for its consumption. I eat meat because of nutritional benefit, culture, and the importance of a balanced diet. Culture and one’s environment are a huge influence on how a person develops and perceives the world. Most people can attribute their habits and hobbies to where they were raised and who they were raised by. This same logic applies to why I eat meat as well. My mother has cooked delicious dishes that incorporated meat since i was a child so I have developed a liking towards it from a very young age. I don 't need to think twice about eating meat because that’s just how I was raised and i am sure most people would say the same. However, some may argue that
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