Meat Mill Research Paper

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Farming, it's the life blood of our nation, the backbone of this great planet.
But for those who don't know, corn doesn't come from a can, it comes from a field and months of hard work. You are wondering “how does the farmer harvest the corn?”
Well the answer is the combine, which is a revolutionary piece of equipment that has been modernized many many many times. It started when farmers wanted something that could cut, thresh, and dispose of the waste. Thus the combine was invented. Newer combines are safer, hold more, and have higher efficiency and higher fuel efficiency than their predecessors, but their predecessors are more fire proof. Newer combines are safer because they have a cage built into the cab of the machine. Newer combines are
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Older combine bodies where made out of metal which doesn't melt in a fire. ( Newer combine bodies are made out of plastic which melts in a fire or under any high temperatures. Also fires mostly occur in the engine compartment, which is located in the back of the combine. The problem of having the engine compartment in the rear is that if a fire starts, you won't see it right away, you will only smell it. Also the fuel tank is in the back which carries about 400 gallons of diesel which is highly flammable. But the manufacturers got one thing right, the fact that there is a bar inside the cab which will protect the driver in a rollover, which almost never happens. But newer combines have a higher tendency to burn completely down and are better off buying a new combine, while older combines just need a new engine and a new paint job. Also older combines can get parts cheaper than new combines. But newer combines you can order parts and compare prices. Combines can be bad for the environment because if they catch on fire, it will probably spread throughout the field and possibly start grass fire, which will destroy
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