Meat Vs Red Meat Research Paper

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Everyone loves meat, after all, meat tastes good and offers us various healthy nutrients. However, people often argue about which is better, red or white meat. Of course, not only nutrition is a factor, but also taste and methods of cooking.

Myoglobin Makes Meat Red

You may be wondering, "what gives red meat its characteristic color?" Quite a simple answer, its slow twitch fibers contain more myoglobin, the molecules which transport oxygen from the bloodstream to muscles. Hence, muscles that an animal often utilizes becomes darker and reddish. For example, an ostrich consistently runs, so its muscles are quite active, explaining its red meat.

As for white meat, it has less myoglobin since these muscles are utilized less frequently and in short bursts. Its fast twitch fibers work during emergency situations, and not in routine activity. For example, chicken breasts are whiter than
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Furthermore, it takes a short amount of time to prepare these meals. However, when it comes to taste, red meat has a deeper flavor than white thanks to the fat content. White meat tends to be bland and requires the taste of other sauces and toppings to make it taste good.

Eat Both Types for More Nutrition

Eating small amounts of both types of meat will offer you the best of both worlds. You may add pork and beef to your stew to make it well-rounded. Or, you may opt for a meat smoothie in which you can throw in various types of meat. Doing so may require a power blender, so check (insert site) to compare the top-quality models.


Red meat has its color thanks to dense myoglobin percentage, while white lacks them. Although red meat has higher fat content, it compensates by having more vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, it has a richer flavor thanks to having more fat. However, the healthier option is to eat small amounts of both to get the best of both
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