Meat the Truth: The Humane Problem

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The world has different views on whether it is ethical to eat meat. The most important moral should be that the animals are being treated humanely before and during the slaughtering process. Customers who eat meat need to know that the meat they are buying does not come from mistreated animals. Customers should be buying their meat from small farms or larger companies that promote cruelty-free production. Broiler chickens are kept to a point they can barely walk and hens are piled in a small cage with a half-dozen more hens. These hens end up eating their own cage partners, rubbing their breasts against the wire to the point they are bleeding and 10 percent of hens do not even survive these conditions. Factory farms do this so customers can buy eggs at a cheap price. We cull to keep populations of animals down and to keep them also from starvation. If an animal gets old or has a disease the people taking care of the animals should put them down humanely so they do not suffer through the process. If more places would practice humane treatment towards animals that are being raised for slaughter and training their employees how to care for the animals, society might not think eating meat is so cruel. Hughes 2
Researching where the meat is coming from is a big step in not buying mistreated animals. Animals live their lives out in factory farms that mistreat these animals. Pork producers have the sows in horrible conditions by keeping them in a farrowing crate where
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