Meat vs. Vegan Essay

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Critical Analysis on “Is it Possible to Be a Conscientious Meat Eater” Sunaura and Andrew Taylor’s “Is It Possible to Be a Conscientious Meat Eater?” is an informative essay about the dirty side of the meat industry. They speak out of the physical abuse and poor living conditions endured by animals raised solely for the purpose of consumption. Because of the inhumane treatment towards animals, Taylor talks about a vegan solution and the many benefits associated with it. Animal cruelty is a sensitive topic that readers can easily be persuaded to either side. But, for the purpose of this essay, the reader can be swayed towards being a conscientious consumer. As mentioned already, animal rights and veganism will be discussed. It's hard…show more content…
It is easy to say that Taylor makes a convincing argument comparing humans and animals when she says “if the concept equality is based on suffering then it is impossible to not include animals in our moral framework” (203, par 2). Based on this statement, Taylor expresses her point by placing animals and humans as equals. They both have feelings and are aware of their own suffering. Since the average household has at least one pet considered part of the family, Taylor is able to open the minds of the reader to sympathize for their own animals thus being able to sympathize for said farm animals. If eating meat from slaughter houses contributes to animal cruelty, then what could possibly be the alternative? According to Taylor's beliefs, veganism can benefit all people as well as the ecosystem moreover. “Veganism is humanitarian” (203, par 4). Because a vegan diet consists of all natural foods, it is safe for the planet, and more importantly eliminates the suffering of animals for their meat and byproducts. It is obvious to say that since crops do go further and feed more people, Taylor does make a effective argument. There is no question that animals do not suffer when someone chooses a vegan lifestyle, however; one downfall of a vegan diet is the cost. Organic foods as a whole are considerably higher, thus making it almost impossible for some to maintain such a lifestyle change
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