Meccano Toys

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I still remember when we children, our parents had been very strict with the toys we could play with, that is because though we think they were not letting us have the full enjoyment a child should have we now think they were right in doing what they did. A very simple reason to this is that toys for a kid means happiness but also serves as a tool and shapes the mentality of the child itself, the toy we choose it defines us.
In our childhood we would prefer LEGO or Meccano building blocks or action figures that would make the creativity inside of build more things out of those tub full of blocks or action figurines, with the passage of time we have come across video games which came a long way from being very primitive to our current generation
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Children need to be interaction with other kids their age and this stops when these games starts to take hold of a child’s time which is designated for social interaction, this causes him to not develop social skills as intended and thereby promotes unhealthy mental growth which could be a hindrance in his later life.
Second effect is the development of violent behavior and this take place when the total time of the child from his time of waking up till sleeping time, video games have taken hold of him, in such a way that this starts to develop a violent behavior if the child and that game are separated, this drastic change has been observed in not just a few of the children but also teenagers that have had zero tendency of violence and have flipped 180 degrees completely. This change in behavior not just affects them directly but also the immediate family and social circle of the child.
The third effect is lagging behind in education, this happens when the mind of the child remains affixed onto the video game so his lack of concentration and zeal in education never grows, when such tendencies start to develop the child would require special help and a long array of procedures start to bring the child back to
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