Mechanical Engineering Applied For Vehicles : Past, Present And Future

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Mechanical Engineering Applied In Vehicles: Past, Present and Future Lidong Chen, Xiaotong Du and Zeyu Cheng Introduction Mechanical engineering is an applied discipline which is based on related natural and technical science and combined with technical experience from production practice, aiming to research and solve both theoretical and practical problems in machine’s design, exploitation, fabrication, application and maintenance. Mechanical engineering is a useful subject in many aspects. Firstly, it can help individuals to know more about the fundamental of the world and improve their self-cultivation, which in turn will push the subject’s development as well. In addition to this, it does a lot of good to our society too. With the development of mechanical technology, the traffic and construction safety has improved a lot, and so does the safety of production, especially in the situation of highly dangerous operation. These facts bring about a high level of social stability and harmony. Then, to the whole world, it has been playing a very important role in various areas. To trace the history, the simple machines which were used to build the pyramid, the steamer which was improved in the Industrial Revolution and the internal combustion engine which occurred in the second Industrial Revolution are all products of mechanical engineering. Today, mechanical engineering benefits the whole world a lot, especially in the revolution of transport. It helps improve the

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