Mechanical Engineering : Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering is “ The branch of engineering concerned with the generation, transmission, distribution, and use of electricity. Its two main branches are power engineering and electronics (including telecommunications). Electrical engineering emerged in the late 19th century with the mathematical formulation of the basic laws of electricity by James Clark Maxwell, followed by the development of such practical applications as the Bell telephone, Edison’s incandescent lamp, and the first central generating plants. Electrical power engineers design generators, power stations, and electricity supply systems as well as electric motors and transport and traction systems. Electrical engineering is an applied science involving mathematical skills and a knowledge of physics, in addition to the basic engineering subjects” (The Macmillan Encyclopedia). Electrical systems have always fascinated me since childhood, and figuring out the engineering behind everything I could get my hands on was another passion I have always had. When getting out of the military and deciding to go to college electrical engineering was the only major that really stood out to me as a way to combine both my childhood interests. My third year at college and I still stand firm with my decision as I continue to excel in my classes directed toward my major while the classes further ignite my passion for the field of study. The education level typically required to obtain a job
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