Mechanical Engineering : Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering is “ The branch of engineering concerned with the generation, transmission, distribution, and use of electricity. Its two main branches are power engineering and electronics (including telecommunications). Electrical engineering emerged in the late 19th century with the mathematical formulation of the basic laws of electricity by James Clark Maxwell, followed by the development of such practical applications as the Bell telephone, Edison’s incandescent lamp, and the first central generating plants. Electrical power engineers design generators, power stations, and electricity supply systems as well as electric motors and transport and traction systems. Electrical engineering is an applied …show more content…
The various companies that employ electrical engineers may have different educational requirements depending on company policies as well. While there are many ways to go about getting this degree, I am getting as many units completed at San Bernardino Valley College before transferring to a four year University as it is the most cost effective route. The daily responsibilities of an electrical engineer widely vary depending on the company you work for. Most electrical engineers typically work a five day a week, with eight hour shifts. Job tasks vary from drafting and building new electrical systems, to researching and developing new technologies and they may also be responsible for maintaing and upgrading existing systems. Systems that may be included in this are power generators at a power plant, electric cars, oil extraction and transportation rigs, conveyer systems at factories, and many more. While you can get a job virtually anywhere in the world as an electrical engineer the top states for gainful employment in the United States of America are; California, Texas, Michigan,
New York and Massachusetts. The job requires different specialties depending on the state you choose to seek employment in, like Michigan holds more positions in the automobile industry, while Texas has a majority of positions in the oil industry. While the job market in
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