Mechanical Properties And Thermal Analysis

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Composite structure is a combination of two or more different items that may be distinguished physically, resulting in a final product that has a better performance from each component individually done. It consists of matrix composite materials (polymer, metal or ceramic) and one or more stages of reinforcement (fibers, particles, flakes, or fillers). The combination of the different elements appropriately to achieve a system with structural or functional characteristics of the best that can be achieved through one of the components alone. The vehicle has become an essential part of the day because of the material advantages such as low weight, high corrosion resistance, high strength and fatigue, and faster assembly. Used widely as raw materials in the airframe industry, packaging, electronics, medical equipment and spacecraft building materials home [1]. The increased use of composite materials for various applications underlines its importance / significance in mechanical properties and thermal analysis of an engineering system. The thermal conductivity of a composite material (combination of two or more components) can be measured by experimental methods. Analytical equations are essential to predict the thermal conductivity of a composite material. The main advantage of using filler material in composites is to reduce the overall cost of the composite. Besides reducing costs, filling materials are also used as a main ingredient, which improves the performance of the
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