Mechanical Properties Of Bone Tissue Engineering

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Mechanical Properties of Biomaterials Used in Bone Tissue Engineering: A Review Study
Parag Borulkar(Student)*1,Mr.V .L. Bhanavse(Guide) *2
*1Mechanical Engineering, S.K.N College of Engineering
*2Mechanical Engineering, S.K.N College of Engineering

Abstract- In the recent past a lot of research has been taking place in the field of bone tissue engineering related to repairing and replacement of bones. In this paper we are going to study three basic bone tissue replacements technique and their mechanical optimization with the original bone. The three techniques we are going to study are 1.Calcium Phosphate Biomineral.2.Scaffolds using 3D printed moulds.3.Emulsion Templated scaffolds.
Keywords: - Scaffolds, Fabrication, Emulsion
1. Introduction
It a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary field that applies the principles of biology and Mechanical Engineering. One of the goals of tissue engineering is to develop methods to construct Artificial Bones in the laboratory that can subsequently be used in medical applications. The Mechanical properties of the actual bone and the engineered bone should be optimized. The process of Bone Tissue Engineering is as follows.

(1) Study the mechanical properties of the bone tissue (porosity, stress-strain curves, rigidity etc.)
(2)Start building material (e.g., extracellular matrix, biodegradable polymer), (3)Shape it as needed (4)Study the mechanical properties of the
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