Mechanicals in A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare

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Mechanicals in A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare The "mechanicals" consist of Peter Quince (a carpenter), Snug (a joiner), Nick Bottom (a weaver), Francis Flute (a bellows-mender), Tom Snout (a tinker) and Robin Starveling (a tailor). We first come across the "mechanicals" as they stumble into the woods to rehearse their play, for the Royal Wedding of Helena and Demetrius, and, Hermia and Lysander. This is when we realise that they are not very intelligent or well spoken, "You were best to call them generally." Bottom uses the wrong word, he means 'severally' or 'individually' instead of 'generally.' Shakespeare uses the "mechanicals" to provide comedy in the play and to make…show more content…
They also show their naivety by looking in the almanac to find out if the moon will shine on the night of their play, in the commentary it says that the "Almanacs were noted for containing foolish astrological forecasts." When Bottom is turned into an ass and Titania falls in love with him, the fairies try to do everything they can to keep him happy. Bottom enjoys this and calls them 'monsieur' and 'signoir' as if he was talking to a superior. The way they prepare for the play isn't very professional; "let not him that plays the lion pare his nails. For they shall hang out for the
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