Mechanisation and Human Life

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Mechanisation and Human Life
Exercise 1
Mechanisation is providing human operators with machinery that assists them with the muscular requirements of work or displaces muscular work. In some fields, mechanization includes the use of hand tools. In modern usage, such as in engineering or economics, mechanization implies machinery more complex than had tools and would not include simple devices such as an un-geared horse or donkey mill.
Automation/Mechanisation has had a notable impact in a wide range of industries beyond manufacturing (where it began). Once-ubiquitous telephone operators have been replaced largely by automated telephone switchboards and answering machines. Medical processes such as primary screening in
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* Economy improvement: Automation may improve in economy of enterprises, society or most of humanity. For example, when an enterprise invests in automation, technology recovers its investment; or when a state or country increases its income due to automation like Germany or Japan in the 20th Century.
Exercise 4
Economically, the key reason is that Mechanisation greatly increases output per worker-hour. For each worker a capitalist hired, they could get more cloth then then they could if a worker was doing everything by hand. Textile became cheaper as a result. So is the case with hundreds of thousands of other products. Economists tell us that advancing technology will never cause permanent job loss and widespread unemployment. They believe this because it has always been true in the past. Mechanization of agriculture in the twentieth century helped to dramatically increase global production of food and fiber to feed and clothe a burgeoning world population. Among the significant developments in agricultural mechanization in the twentieth century were the introduction of the tractor, various mechanical harvesters and pickers, and labor-saving technologies associated with internal combustion engines, electric motors, and hydraulics.

Exercise 5: Letter to the News Paper Editor
Dear Editor, I read the article “Mechanisation & Human Life” published in your newspaper and wanted to share
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