Med Term Scramble

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I investigated the “medical quiz app” (purchased from the google play store) and the “med term scramble” (purchased from the google play store) to determine which application serves as a better study tool to learn medical terminology. I will examine the format of terminology, the relevance of material, and beneficial features within the applications.
Both applications study medical terminology and serve as an effective resource for students acquiring an education in health care. While “medical quiz app” has a section for medical terminology, the “med term scramble” has each organ systems terminology separated into individual sections. This format is accommodating because you can choose general terminology as a whole or practice a specific organ system you are experiencing difficulty with. Additionally, there is a section in the “med term scramble” for the structure of medical language. This section practices prefixes, suffixes, pleural and singular form. The “medical quiz app” has a multiple-choice structure testing all medical terminology, I think this is effective to mimic a test environment. Both applications serve as an effective study source; nevertheless, “med term scramble” was most effective to study a specific section.
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“Med term scramble” tests your knowledge of medical terminology at a higher level. However, in comparison to “medical quiz app” there were more questions that were slightly off topic. An important component of medical terminology is correct spelling, “med term scramble” incorporates this aspect. Although “medical quiz app” follows a multiple-choice structure, the answers are frequently similar, so students need to know the difference between analogous words. Conclusively, “medical quiz app” delivered the most relevant material to benefit students studying medical
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