Medea As A Good Moral Life

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“Medea” Medea actions in her life can be used as lessons for today 's society. The story has a simple theme about an unfaithful husband and what a spurned woman does to get revenge on her cheating husband. Mortality is in control. Was Medea 's reaction to Jason 's decisions morally and theologically correct? The ancient Greek ethos is concerned of what constitutes living a good moral life. This question cannot be separated from how one ought to act. The most important of these virtues is what one did in their life and how they lived one’s life. Is what Medea does in line with what the Greek societal morals or their religious beliefs? Or a better question is: Was Jason’s action morally correct, which led to Medea’s morally incorrectness? How was this any different in the eyes of the Christian God? Euripides’ Medea is a Greek story about Medea, a barbaric woman who was married to Jason with children. They lived in Corinth. “Medea was an obedient wife and was loved by the people of Corinth”. (Euripides 18) Medea was an outsider from another country that loved Jason. Jason was concerned about his kingdom, so he explains that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to marry a royal princess, as Medea is only a barbarian woman, but hopes to someday join the two families and keep Medea as his mistress. “Jason went and married Glauke, the daughter of the Creon King”. (Euripides 18) “Jason betrayed Medea”. (Euripides 18) Medea was insulted by his betrayal. Her view
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