Medea: Sorceress and Princess

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A sorceress and a princess, Medea is an important character portrayed in two very popular Greek mythological stories. Using her magic to help Jason secure the Golden Fleece, Medea subsequently fell in love with him, causing her to flee her homeland and family. It is this plot movement that writes both Apollonius’ Argonautica as well as Euripides’ Medea. Argonautica was not based solely around her and Jason’s story, however it was a key part, displaying her as a maiden of indecisive thoughts and a treacherous love and devotion to Jason. Medea, however, revolves solely around the transformation of Medea’s character based on Jason’s actions to be with another woman. By examining text from both Argonautica and Euripides’ Medea, different characteristics and personality traits of Medea can be revealed, ranging from an innocent maiden to an evil superhuman. Medea in Apollonius’ Argonautica (aka Jason and the Golden Fleece), portrays a young day-dreamer, who is a helpless victim of love to Jason. Naïve and innocent, Medea must make the decision to either stay with her family or betray them and leave to live with Jason. It is read that she bantered with her thoughts, and was indecisive in which decision she out to make. She desired to be thoughtful and loyal to her family, but she possessed a destructive love for the Argonaut, and in the end, decided to run away with him. Medea’s magic is shown as well in this passage, devising her as bewitching, for even her glance put a dragon
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