Medea Written by Euripides

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. Medea written by Euripides tells the tale of a woman scorn. Medea is set in a city called Corinth. The play starts off in front of Jason and Medea's house. The play is a tragedy that shows the tragic ending of a family. For Medea was betrayed by her husband and exiled from the city. With such a tremendous act of betrayal is Medea a victim of love or is she a villain who has no mercy. Her motive makes her a deceiving victim, for Medea is a villain that is playing the role of a damsel in distress to get her way.
Fate is a power that control what happens in the future and is beyond some control. Medea was not the typical heroine to be dictated by fate but yet fate played a part in her demise. Fate predicted the downfall to come for she had risked her life in order to stay by her lover side, going as far as to killing her brother. The servants and women recognized Medea’s ill fate from the display of madness she shown. Was fate the reason for Medea to be a victim or did her own cruel emotions make her the villain. Villain is a cruel malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime Medea let passion and rage guide her into wickedness thus making her a villain.
Jason and Medea’s marriage was not always one of bitterness it were the typical fairytale beginning. Medea immediately fell in love with a handsome stranger known as Jason. Jason was an on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece, because the amount of danger she couldn’t bear to live without
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