Medea and Othello

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Two tragedies from two different time period, Medea and Othello show similarities and differences in their characters, story plots and settings. Euripedes’ Medea written in the classical period and Shakespeare’s Othello written in the romantic era, the two tragedies shows different feel of what tragedies are. First of all, the most obvious difference between these two play is how Medea shows unities (time, place and action) whilst Othello has none. It’s clearly shown in the first scene, as soon as the characters come out, that in the Medea, it’s a set place, and there would be no movement. The staging is nice and clear and throughout the whole story, the characters are in one place, and there is a unity between the time, place and…show more content…
In Medea, the story plot is sort of told through the chorus. The group of woman and the nurse, kind of act as Medea’s conscious and tells Medea what’s morally right and what’s morally wrong. In a way the chorus is inside Medea’s head, yet they tell us the basic story plot and what’s happening within the story. Whereas in Othello, there is no longer choruses however there are soliloquies in which characters break that wall between the audience and themselves and tell something that’s in their mind only to the audience, and the audience assume that the other characters on stage can’t hear it. In Othello, Iago does most of the soliloquies, he does it at the end of each scene, talking to himself and staring right into the camera to tell the audience what he actually considers doing and such. Despite all these differences, there are also some areas in which the two stories are similar. For example, each tragic hero has their set of hubris, hamartia and agon. These are characteristics of a tragic hero which are seen in both Medea and Othello. Quickling defining what these terms are Hubris is self confidence, hamartia – chracter’s mistake and agon being one’s internal struggle. Taking these terms into consideration, in Medea, her hamartia is her excess love for Jason which brings her to her downfall. Her hubris was that she had too much self pride to leave to Athens and her agon, once again being that passionate woman who
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