Medea Father Essay

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Medea’s father Aeetes the King of Colchis was the son of Helios and Perseis (sometimes known as Persa or Antiope) and the brother of Circe, Pasiphae and Perses. He had three children. Two daughters; Medea and Chalciope and one son Absyrtus. He was married to Idyia (sometimes known as Eidyia). After the Golden Fleece was stolen by Jason and Medea; Aeetes was expelled from his kingdom by his brother Perses but was eventually restored by Medea.
Medea’s mother Idyia was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. She was an Okeanid-nymph and presumably the Naiad of the main well or fountain of Colchis. It was not uncommon in Greek mythology for Kings to marry the local Naiad.
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