Medeo is a Play Based on the Myth of Jason and Medea Written by Euripides

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Medea is a play based on the myth of Jason and Medea written by Euripides. The play involves the love between two mythical characters: Jason and Medea. The play reaches its climax when Medea is betrayed by Jason when he choses another woman for her youthful beauty. Euripides is able to involve the audience by using dramatic scenery on how Medea choses to respond to this theatrical situation according to the patriarchal culture she lives in. Furthermore, the analysis focuses upon the system of masculinity and femininity with regards to how Medea assesses the best approach in seeking to fight back against the predominant practices and norms of patriarchy that existed in her time. This play further highlights the role of love and the significance it has over family. It is necessary for the audience to understand the fundamental backbone and rubric of the story; the way in which Medea turns her back upon cultural definitions of patriarchy. Sympathizing and understanding the betrayal within the male-controlled society is unequal, due to the fact that men are typically understood within patriarchal societies to serve as the protectors and guardians of women while this is not the case with Medea as she is more superior to Jason. Unsurprisingly, the role of women in this play automatically assumes that they are the weaker and less important sex so therefore need the dominating actions of men as a means of protecting their femininity.
Firstly, Medea ultimately saw the status quo of

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