Medgar Evers Research Paper

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Medgar Evers

Medgar Wiley Evers was born on July 2, 1925. Evers had a typical childhood for black youth in the Great Depression, meaning 1930’s on into the years prior to World War II. As a child, Evers was exposed to much violence. Evers joined the United States Army in 1942. After serving in the Army, Evers returned to school with the help of the military’s GI Bill. He first completed high school, then a college degree along with a major in business administration. In college, Evers met his wife Myrlie Beasley. They were married on Christmas Eve 1951. After graduation, Medgar Evers was hired at an insurance agency. The owner of the insurance company was Dr. T. R. M. Howard. Howard had a big influence on Evers. In 1952 to 1954, Evers traveled around not just selling insurance but also working for the NAACP. In 1954, Evers became a state field secretary through the NAACP. This was a eight year job. In the 1960’s the civil rights movement became much bigger. There were boycotts against white merchants and much more. Evers know little of protest strategies but openly told them to face the struggles. …show more content…

The biggest to his family was on May of 1963, the Evers house was firebombed. Evers found himself a threat since he was in a public investigation to the murder of Emmett Till. He was also a vocal support of Clyde Kennard. This made him accessible for attack. On June 12, 1963 at 12:40 am, Medgar Evers had just returned home from an integration meeting, he was shot in the back of his driveway. He died less than a hour later in a local hospital. Evers death had been just hours after President Kennedy’s speech in support of civil rights, which was on national

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