Medi-Cal Program In Californi A Case Study

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When it comes to the issue of healthcare, a lot of specific forces come into play. In order to understand and keep track of political situations like those dealing with healthcare one must use the analytical framework. A current political issue relating to healthcare is the Medi-Cal program in California and its controversial system of recovering medical costs from the deceased. Governmental, political and structural policies and politics each have their own roles to play on this specific issue.
In the article titled “Bill would limit efforts to recoup Medi-Cal costs from patients’ estates” journalist Stuart Pfeifer explains how the California state legislature is looking to pass a bill that would limit the government’s ability to take away people’s home and other assets to pay for medical debts. The state has the power to take away assets from the deceased to pay for medical and nursing home bills …show more content…

The state’s independence in the design of the program allows it to be up for modifications through legislative votes. Also, the Affordable Care Act at the federal level requires people to either have medical coverage or suffer a tax penalty. This puts people in a situation where they have to choose Medi-Cal as their coverage because they cannot afford monthly premiums (Pfeifer, 2015). Another aspect is the population in California, which includes many immigrants and low income people. Medi-Cal is mainly used by low-income people and they are the ones who suffer the most from having their assets taken away after a beneficiary dies. This issue would not come up if there were a lot of high-income people in the state and everyone would either have their own medical coverage or could easily afford paying high

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