Medi Scientific Articles Versus Socially And Politically Motivated Biased Articles

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In this paper, I will be analyzing two types of media: Scientific articles versus socially and politically motivated, biased articles. This paper’s intended audience are my fellow ENC1101 students. This paper will challenge students to do further research then what they see after one search before forming an opinion on a subject. The audience of my paper will be aware of the subject, as the topic has been in the news in ad nauseam over social media, news outlets, newspapers, and personal conversation. I will accomplish my goal of showing similarities and differences between scholarly articles and media with a second agenda by establishing niches, counterclaiming one source with another, and indicating gaps in information. The ideas in…show more content…
In this paper, I will be doing just that; I will be analyzing documents about climate change. As climate change is a controversial topic, there are many sides to this subject. I will be analyzing science-based articles from NASA, and NOAA and comparing them with the views of scientists, and popular news outlets. What are climate and climate change? The definition of climate is rarely disputed; according to NASA, climate is “typical or average weather” (Dunbar) Climate change, however, has a different definition depending on where one gets their information. NASA describes climate change as: “range of changes that are happening to our planet. (Global Climate). However, if one looks to another news outlet, they would get this definition: “’’Global Warming’ is a sham... A sham perpetuated by a network of dirty government officials, greedy corporations, and bought off scientific organizations” (Scientist Confesses). The difference is in not only information being given, but how a rhetor presents the information. When NASA is outlining definitions, they are straight to the point; they have an idea to present, and they present it. This is drastically different from the Newsmax source. In this source, there is little to no mention of climate change until page 3 of the article to find what the article is even about, one must sift through page upon page of imaginative situations and economic statistics. When reading
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