Media Admission Essay

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I wish to pursue a media related career as I believe that the media is an integral part of modern life. I believe a Media and Communication qualification will enable me access to a range of roles within the media industry. This will provide me with opportunities to create products that can inform, educate and entertain people of all ages through a variety of media platforms. As I aspire to pursue a job in the production of television I feel studying this course will help develop my understanding of the media industry, moreover improving my analysis of features within film and the news.

I love films because they draw me into an imaginary world allowing me to feel emotions like excitement and fear concurrently. It was the Lord of the Rings
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I built my teamwork, communication and leadership skills, as well as my resilience and ability to use my initiative. I feel this will help me with university study to ensure I am able to work well with other students on collaborative tasks. As part of the NCS scheme I worked with Sky and was able to use professional production equipment to film, edit and produce a news report. I also got an insight into what working in the media was like and the types of software used to create news programmes. I have also taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award scheme, which challenged me physically and mentally. As a result I feel I have developed my patience, tolerance and ability to think logically. I have been a member of GKR karate for the past 5 years and have now reached red belt. By achieving this I feel I have learnt important skills like integrity, self-discipline and diligence. For the past two years I have been working with year 11 students to help them improve their work in English. I feel this is really beneficial for the students I have been working with as I am helping them to improve their academic ability and to build their self-confidence. In doing this I also developed my interpersonal and communication skills with people from a variety of ages and
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