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The Absolut Advertising Campaign Texts are political. Political in the sense that they produce messages that carry specific ideas and beliefs targeted toward a certain thinking body of people. A familiar phrase in America is, “art imitates life.” It defines life as essential to art, but can we say the reverse? Could life imitate art? The semantics of the phrase seem too ambiguous for such a statement. What is the definition of art, of life? The phrase suggests that art reinforces cultural and social beliefs by using the verb imitate. If art imitates life, then life imitates art. The verb is reflexive and positioned in the middle of the two words it is reflecting. It is true then, the language speaks for itself, and this…show more content…
The campaign has been in progress for about twenty years, and has been called the most successful ad campaign in American history. [2] The standard image of the Absolut bottle is recognizable by many people, and has purposely been reproduced in every ad establishing it as a social symbol in America. Each advertisement includes a culturally significant person, place, object, or idea along side the standard bottle. Absolut Vodka ads reveal mixed messages about culture to their audience masked on the surface by a culturally significant artifact. The most successful ad campaign in American history is characterized by an overwhelming number of individual ads that are separated into genres. When looking at a series of ads, we have a better idea of the cultural significance attached to the images. The text exists in relation to others. The image of the Absolut bottle has become a cultural icon, and the advertising aim is to make it recognizable as a distinct symbol of class to everyone who sees it. In order to make sense of the ad, the reader must identify the vodka bottle within the text. This expectation relies on the network of ads that have preceded it. Instant identification of the symbol makes the reader of an Absolut ad a member of an exclusive club. The Absolut Vodka ad campaign aims to enroll everyone as a member of this club
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