Media: An Instrument of Information

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Examples include advertising media, broadcast media, digital media, mass media, news media, and social media. However, at the core of all of these different forms there lies the necessity of communicating certain materials to a broad audience. In most democratic nations, it is assumed that the public will act with informed consent in regards to their role that they play as a member of a democratic society. Yet, to established informed consent, this requires that citizens have access to and are concerned with media of a certain caliber. This media should be of a relevant, informative, and unbiased nature so that voters in a democracy can make informed decisions. However, much of the modern media environment is plagued with biased information that can be entirely irrelevant and contains little information at all. Therefore, with new media channels and new levels of complexity inherent in the media environment, the value of information in which democratic voters can base their decisions on is greatly diminished. Furthermore, without the media enabling citizens to maintain their informed consent, the functionality of a democratic system is also compromised.
Modern media is a core component in nearly all societies, historical and contemporary, because media is the mean in which mass communication can work…
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