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MCH8057: Media Analysis Analysis of Gucci Dionysus Advert 10/11/2017 Word Count:1028 I declare that this assignment is my own work and that I have correctly acknowledged the work of others. This assignment is in accordance with University and School guidance on good academic conduct (and how to avoid plagiarism and other assessment irregularities). University guidance is available at Advertisements have a great impact on consumers’ mind and action by combining various semiotic resources to convey specific ideas. Therefore, semiotic theories are useful for the critical analysis of advertisements. Semiotics are researched by Saussure (1986), Peirce (1991) and Barthes (1991). Afterwards,…show more content…
There are some denotations: The blue sky, the green tree and shining sunshine in the background of the advert. Two girls in front who dressed in delicate and elegant style enjoy the life with the Dionysus bag in their hands. It is relatively simple to recognize and understand denotation of a visual image (Panofsky, 1970). While these signs have connotative meanings. Colour, as a sign, is connected with psychological function(Caivano,1998). The blue colour, standing for perfect weather rather than a rainy day or hazy day in which people always feel relatively depressed, by contrast, it creates fond and fragrant atmosphere. Additionally, green is similar with blue in hue, it links a strong tree to youthful spirit and energy of girls, demonstrating a vibrant life image and creating a dreamlike and comfortable phenomenon. Apart from it, two bags in girls’ hands are coloured in pink, as Koller (2002, p.413) comments, pink is not only associated with ‘girly softness’, but also referring to ‘sexual identity’. In this advert, it is not baby pink, but deep and luscious pink, which indicates that they are not such kind of girls who are naïve and addicted to lovely toys, on the contrary, they are mature girls who have found the sexual charm of themselves. Pink here represents confidence and lively girl-power. The metallic lock above a bag is designed in curvilinear shape, which is similar to the snake totem, a symbol of rebel,temptation and awakening of sexual to

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