Media And Broad Casting Mass Media

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For a long time, people receive news on the printed source such as newspaper, magazine which published by newspaper company or publishing company. A little while a go, people got another news source which are radio and television. Most country start with public broad casting and while later, the radio or television company established and start broadcasting own programs. Both literary media and broad casting mass media are mostly driven by big company and each of those company has own political stance or sponsor and those factor heavily reflected to the articles or programs they published. Back in the days, these biased article provide versatility to individual issues. For example the press called Partisan Press which has clear political bias and it attracted the different group of people.(Sikka, Week4 Lecture) The issue now publish and broadcast media is lack of versatility by concentration of the ownership. Consequence of the capitalism society, many of the company which produce news bought by bigger powerful company and it end up with under around 10 company are owning media nowadays and this concentration of media ownership leads to the lack of versatility.(Lorimer, 249) After the internet technology available to the public, the issue of versatility starts to solve gradually by individual’s blog or the rapid rising of micro-blog service use such as “Twitter”. The characteristic of the internet that it differ from old media, individual able to be an journalist and there
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