Media And Education On Children 's Media

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Media and Education Parents can help to guide their children 's media experience by offering the educational media programs as well as the non-electronic formats such as newspapers, books, board games, and watching television with them. Additionally, by putting the questionable contents into context and teaching kids about advertising can be greatly contributed to their media literacy. However, there is a strong relationship between media and education, so parents need to set their children’s limits. Furthermore, parents can actively be involved with those media tools that their children use, such as: the TV shows, computer games, magazines, and other media forms. This is the only one step that helps them, as a result of which; media will play a positive role in their children’s lives. It is a fact that media surrounds us and cannot always be avoided, so this is the one way to filter out those messages, and to develop their skills by questioning, analyzing, and evaluating them. This is generally known as media literacy or media education. Therefore, a child can learn and understand both the obvious and hidden messages from all media tools. Once the children learn and get skills of media education, they can gain to ask questions, and can think about the media messages as is it in the same way as they watch, read, or hear. Following are the basic media education points that a child and their parents should know:  People can create media messages  Each and every media forms
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