Media And Its Effect On Society

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To what extent do you agree that entertainment media have had a positive effect on society?


An evaluation of the last half decade shows that media and its influence on communities and society at large has expanded significantly with advancement of technology. It is apparent that in the world today, media has an influential role in the daily life of an individual. From the time that a person wakes up to the time they go to bed, they are surrounded in a world that has been developed by media. Initially there was the telegraph and the post offices, this was followed by radio, television, newspapers, magazines and now the most widely used the internet. It is important to have the basic understanding of the role of media in society at an individual level and from a holistic point of view.
The activities that we engage in on a daily basis are to a great extent dependent on information that is provided to all of us, and the means that is used to communicate the information from entertainment to hard or soft news, to healthcare to travelling, in addition to others. From a general point of view, mass media is considered to have three fundamental functions: providing news and information, entertainment and education. The world that we live in today is at time referred to as information age based on news and information that is relayed to the masses. There are a number of reasons as to why news and information are of importance to people; they can be…
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