Media And Its Impact On Politics

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In a world where hundreds upon thousands of media platforms exist, it’s not surprising that media is one of the strongest, if not the biggest, influences in our current presidential election. No matter where each of us turn, whether it be to a newspaper, social media, or our televisions, every single one of us has seen some sort of news report or article discussing presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. However, every year, there seems to be this constant struggle when it comes to the media coverage, as it appears that when the quantity and accessibility of coverage increases, the quality of the content appears to dip lower and lower.. Therefore, if one were to give an overall grade in terms of the job the media has done in covering the 2016 presidential election, the grade would be that of a “D+”, because while the quantity and accessibility of the coverage has substantially improved, the biased and muddled quality of what’s being covered has overwhelmed the improvements to the campaign coverage, deteriorating to the lowest standard in the history of presidential media coverage. Primarily, the media deserves to be credited for the improvements in the amount, or quantity, of what has been covered. This year’s first presidential debate was the most televised presidential debate in history, since televised debates began during the 1960 election year (Grynbaum). The debate was televised live “across 13 … TV channels”, with a number of social media networks,
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