Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Jim Morrison once said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind” (Morrison). Today, we have become extremely dependent on technology and always wanted to be entertained by the media. The media does do a good job of getting information, whether true or not, out to the people; however, media has negatively affected many aspects of our society. Whether its degrading our value of those certain aspects or harmfully altering our perspectives, media has taken a toll on our society. Religion and politics has been the most negatively affect and education has been affected the least.
Electronic media has drastically changed how we view and practice religion. By televising religion, we will start to view religion as something profane rather than something special and sacred to our lives. Postman begins his argument by stating, “Everything that makes religion an historic, profound, and sacred human activity is stripped away; there is no ritual, no dogma, no tradition, no theology, and above all no sense of spiritual transcendence. On these shows, the preacher is tops. God comes out as second banana” (Postman 116-117). Television has degraded and is transforming religion into something unimportant. Each time a religious service was televised, a new unappreciation towards religion grows. Even Postman’s use of diction demonstrates how society is viewing religion as something as more ordinary. Usually when someone goes to mass, they are entering a sacred room; however, with televised

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