Media And Its Influence On The Public

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Not only is the interest of the owners of large companies pushed out to the public, but also the interest of the companies who pay these media companies in advertising to citizens to sell their goods. Advertising is an important influence in what the public sees in media and has a direct influence on the public’s interest in the product (Rinallo, Basuray; 2009). Companies such as Nike and Coca-Cola can pay networks such as ABC and FOX large sums of money to advertise their companies through their programing. As Herman and Chomsky explain, networks such as ABC and FOX are selling their audience to these companies (1988). Media outlets such as FOX News depends on funding to make a profit and since there is no system in place where the funds…show more content…
This shows us that the media does depend on both markets and if we were to begin to enforce the level of what they could depend on for funding, their companies could fail and the economy of the society could be at risk. Despite the risks that come with cutting corporations level of advertising budget to media companies, I believe that the pros outweigh the cons and if done correctly, could begin to relieve some of the pressure off of the media networks and they could focus on more real topics. An example of this could be that PBS (Public Broadcasting Services) could again receive funding from solely public services and return back to the time where no private support and advertisements were present. Sources, such as government officials influence the media by having their own agenda. As mentioned, the role of the media is to act as a check on the political and business elite; however, the media uses these sources for data to support their ‘findings’ as explained by Herman and Chomsky. Journalists cannot rely on regular citizens for reliable quotes or thoughts. They must look to the powerful, “qualified” elites who will confirm the support of the agenda that is already being pushed from the corporations or government officials who have made agreements and deals on how to mutually succeed in advertising a certain movement, belief, or product to citizens. Since the public tends to be more liberal than the think
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