Media And Negative Body Image

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Body image is a huge issue around the world. It has affected so many teens,adults,and children all around the world. Since many people are so use to seeing media images,it becomes their basis or their main idea for how their body should look like. If people don't say anything or speak up, future generations of body image will get worse, increasing the amount of stress on young children. Body image is how a person sees themselves in the mirror or how they picture themselves. Our body image is heavily influenced by society's standards. Although body image contains positive aspects it mainly weighs itself on the negative aspects. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, ”You are convinced that only other people are attractive and that your body size or shape is a sign of personal failure” (eatingdisorders). Negative body image is able to decrease a person's confidence. Studies prove that people with negative body image have more of a possibility of developing an eating disorder, and are more likely to…show more content…
Studies have proven that the media can have a negative impact on body image. The peer pressure of media influences the way teens see themselves, making them feel like they aren't beautiful or worthy enough. Many people feel like they are overweight. even though they may be healthy,yet are corrupted by society's way of thinking. “One study indicated 3 out of 4 women stated they were overweight although 1 out of 4 actually were”(self image/media influence) . Media convinced them into thinking they aren't healthy because they aren't paper thin so some people go to extreme measures to control their weight. One being throwing themselves up. Risks of making yourself vomit can be highly damaging, you can suffer from Serious dehydration, and body fluid imbalances ,and you can eventually begin suffering from bulimia and more. This pattern of negativity on body image can be life
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