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The selfie assemblage is a means of self-expression and representation of oneself. It is one of the ways to communicate and interact with others. Emerging technologies and new platforms are enabling individuals to interact with each other more conveniently. As a result of these emerging technologies, everyone is always connected in one way or the other. These interactions through devices are affecting behaviors and practices of users in a variety of ways. Some ways of communication can affect users’ measure of worth. Therefore individuals’ view of themselves and each other is sometimes dependent on their interactions with social media platforms. This age of emerging technologies and digital media has had many mixed effects on society. In some ways, social media has given users the opportunity to express themselves and discover their identities through interaction with others across various platforms. They have also had an impact on how network identity differs from one platform to another. As well as, increase ways in which individuals are able to promote themselves online.
Social media in society today has an effect more than ever before. Many argue that social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, are crucial in self-representation among young adolescents. As Tettegah points out in her book Emotions, Technology and Social Media, “The site [Facebook] allows adolescents to formulate self-referential intentions as they engage in self-expression online”

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