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Introduction: The widespread and significant influence of mass media, especially social media, virtual social networks and mobile messaging tools, the various dimensions of human life more influenced by these emerging technological platforms in the age of information and information society. In the present era, social media has become an integral part of our lives. All aspects of our lives have changed from politics to society, culture, and economics via social media and new technologies. Social media has caused revolutionary changes throughout society, becoming a dominant means of communication and transforming the ways in which organizations in both the private and public sectors need to interact with citizens (Mahajan-Cusack, 2016:…show more content…
So, democratic governments, through social media, provide citizens political participation and get a chance for citizens in government decision-making and use citizens opinions for strengthening of government governance. Social media has the potential to increase public participation, but many governments fail to use social media for anything other than a tool for one-way informing from government to citizen. To make the most out of social media’s dynamic communication capabilities, governments need to go beyond simply sharing information to actually engaging with citizens (Moore 2013). As social media increasingly becomes part of everyday life, more government agencies are carving out a social media presence online. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube not surprisingly, are perhaps the most common outlets for government social media efforts. Initially, the governments worldwide were not that supportive of using social media for improving governance but slowly and steadily governments world over are embracing this platform (Srivastava, 2013). The purpose of this research paper is to explain how the Afghanistan national unity government (ANUG) including presidential palace and chief executive office uses Facebook pages in order to communication and interaction with Afghan citizens. Also, this paper is addressing the level of Afghan citizen’s interaction with government through Facebook pages

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