Media And Technology : The Negative Effects Of Technology And Social Media

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There are many different arguments you could make on whether having so much media and technology is more negative or more positive. In our society today, everything we do is based off of technology: we post everything we do, stay in touch with people over social sites and base our lives around the technology we have. Personally, my family and I just went on vacation and with everything we did we had to take pictures. And with these pictures, my dad posted them on Facebook, a social media site where he can share these pictures with all his friends. Without both social media and technology, no one would know what to do with their lives. This is what keeps us feeling connected but this is not a good thing. These technology based activities are overrunning our lives. The society finds it easier and prefers to talk over text than face to face. Despite how much technology influences our daily lives, overall it has a negative impact and influence on both teenagers and kids in a plethora of different ways. Technology is most harmful to kids, who spend numerous amount of time on different devices. Whether it’s their own Ipad, their parent’s phone or sitting and watching TV, it all has the same negative effect on children’s brains. More specifically technology has a worse effect on infant’s brains who has had no chance to develop and whose brains are easily influenced. As Christakis recalls, “The more TV children watched as infants, the more likely they were to have attentional
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