Media And The Media Of Society

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Society a well-organized group of persons associated together for religious benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic, or other purposes. As a people are born we are placed in a category of poor, middle, and upper class. As media makes their assumptions about who people really are, society watches with content without understanding it is themselves that is being displayed in the television screen. Society plays the role of the actor, but in real life. As a society, we have accepted the truths about how we are and how we react to the actions. People must understand that something is wrong with the media and the misinformation they provide to the audience. As the audience tries to interpret the information that is provided by the media, we as people must look closely at the information and react to it in a different manner than what they would expect. Media plays a role in the reactions of society, which shouldn’t be taken so lightly. The one thing that working class has in common with other classes it that their money is going somewhere other than their pockets. People have left their wallets open to the people that are in need of money without the full understanding of their actions. Does this seem just that we have to pay for people that don’t deserve it? “The divergent fortunes of the rich and the middle class became such a fact of everyday life that people seldom noticed it, except perhaps to observe now and then with a shrug that life was unfair” (357).
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