Media And The Reporting Of Hurricane Katrina

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Unit 4 DB 1 Media and the reporting of Hurricane Katrina For this discussion we were asked to answer a question in regards to Hurricane Katrina. The question that we were to answer was: After reading the article, what were our thoughts and opinions about the article? Thoughts and o opinions about the article The article is exactly what this learner expected, especially after living through Hurricane Andrew that hit Miami, Fla years ago. So, when this learner read the article it was exactly what she expected from the media after such a major disaster like a hurricane Katrina. When there is a disaster like this, the media expects a lot of looting, lack of response to the disaster, victims in need of rescue, and even death. But if the media…show more content…
In what way was the disaster managed? This learner is sorry to say it, but you can prepare all you want for any type of disaster, but all you will be doing is the bare minimal, because if we could prepare for disasters, then we could prevent some of the damage. Since we are not GOD, the only thing you can do is hope you can protect what you have and hope that all the public safety, National Guards, FEMA, State and Federal etc. are equip to handle the after math, and respond as quickly and effectively. All these organizations can do is the best they can to deal with the disaster, but they can never be prepared for this or any other disaster no matter how much training they have. Immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit land, the “U.S. populace, and Washington officialdom all tried to comprehend what went wrong with their intergovernmental response to Hurricane Katrina” (Tierney, Bevc, & Kuligowski (2006, p. 69). As far as the media was concern, the disaster was handled very badly by the then director Michael Brown and what the media called his lack of qualifications and his basic consciousness during Hurricane Katrina disaster. No one was safe from the Medias criticisms, not even the broader management system whose failures made them subject to a congressional investigation. What this learner can never understand is that in the midst of a disaster management, they found the time to restructure their
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