Media And The Vietnam War Essay

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[Add thesis] The Vietnam War was the first war to be televised and as a result all government restrictions were obliterated. During the first world war boundaries were set making sure that no graphic imagery was released, but by the time the Vietnam war ended the world would have a new cache of violent and bloody combat photography in their living rooms. In 1965, at the beginning of the US’s involvement in the Vietnam War no one paid it much mind, including the media. But as soon as reporters began to take interest restrictions came down, not unlike any other war the U.S has participated in. “Barry Zorthian, with his experience with the media, got thing done pretty well. In almost all the nightly news programs of major television networks, such as CBS and NBC, the war was labeled as a ‘good guys shooting Reds’ story.” () But, as soon as the media travelled overseas to report both U.S and Northern Vietnamese bombings in 1964,…show more content…
Images of both civilian and military casualties were increasingly televised. The percentage of victory stories reported by journalists decreased from 62 before to 44 after the Tet... As the war became uglier on screen, its public support also declined significantly.”() once the careful image professional advisors built came crumbling down so did the last of people's support for the war. Nick Ut’s photo of Phan Thi Kim Phuc, better known as Napalm Girl, was incredibly influential because everyone saw the kids in their own lives as the young girl running naked through the streets with a look of absolute terror on her face. This picture horrified people because they were used to seeing groups of children happily playing, not badly burned and trailed by soldiers in full combat
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