Media As A Negative Impact Of The Media And Socialization

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The media and technology impacts socialisation by becoming a determining factor that sets trends on how communication and knowledge sharing is processed. I have conducted a research using a questionnaire to analyse how media and technology affects socialisation between generation x (born 1965-1976) and generation z (1996-2009).

The media is a humungous influencer of how knowledge sharing is processed. Appropriately, I included questions about the media in to receive a more detailed idea on society views the media as an agent of socialisation. My research reveals that despite the media’s overwhelming power of influence, 80% of those who participated in the questionnaire believes that the media does not create a false portrayal of our current society’s youth. I believe that this could be a unwanted response since the media does tend to portray youth in a negative and stereotypical way based from my own personal experience. However, a staggering 90% believes that the media creates a hindrance to socialisation between generation x and z. This fact is accredited to the media’s different production of trends that is based on specific age cohorts. Furthermore, when asked whether or not the media has a negative impact on adolescents and young adults all participants responded in a neutral manner. A clear image is represented through this result by demonstrating that a majority of people from different ages and society are well aware that the media is both beneficial and negative

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