Media As the Mirror of Lebanese Culture

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What kind of Mirror is the Media of Lebanese Culture? As we discuss media, we must also discuss the nature and function of art. A difference between art and media can be the process by which they are made. Yet in these modern days, the lines between media and art are not lines, but fractals or shapes only described by functions of calculus. That is to say that art and media are heavily intertwined in the 21st century. Some media is art; some art is media. A trait that media and art have in common whether one wants to argue their definitions or not, is that they both reflect society. A fundamental function of art, media as art, and perhaps media in general now, is to reflect experience, society and culture. That is what art history, and therefore media history are: the observation, categorization, and interpretation of artistic artifacts and media objects in regards to their design, construction, and content and how those things tell us about life at the time of the artifacts' modernity. This is the general nature of media. Thus, reflection is indicative of media. Metaphorically, media is a reflection, but these days, the modern citizen spends large quantities of time in front of various kinds of screens. We spend so much time staring at various kinds of screens for work or for pleasure in the 21st century. Twitter use in Lebanon has increased steadily and the categories of users are quite distinctive. (Hamoui,, "The Big Fat Guide to Lebanese Twitter
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