Media Bias And Its Effect On Society

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Over the course of the past years media has taken the nation by storm. Now that we have everything right in front of us, we are able to easily post on all social media roots to share a topic or a comment on a subject. Repetitively many people on social media are used to taking content that is not theirs originally, instead of making their own. This has effect on many. Rapidly it has caused debate on issues everywhere, causing bias to seem good, bad and different in lack of perception. Media bias is out of control! The media today often become so consumed with pleasing people. Viewpoint of another can be immoral and affect many. The affected media bias has on one person is one of the most important things. With media exposure and the…show more content…
Along with political opinion, many people have different presidential candidates that they would like to be becoming the United States president while the other will not agree. The first amendment does allow free speech along with the others. Without it many filters of communication would not be available to us. Today’s youth is made up of social media, living, breathing, and sleeping alongside social media. It’s the base or a place we feel like we can truly belong to and to be with people we know or have mutual friends with. “In a day and age where teens are sending Snapchats instead of passing handwritten notes and "selfie" has become a regular part of our vocabulary, there 's no denying that social media are impacting the way teenagers view themselves” (Pyle Par. 4). Social media affect how teen see themselves and how they act. No one wants to be behind on what everyone into while a very small percent still enjoys being different than the others. Social media ruin the way to read actually paperback books or student doing their homework or studying with the technology now we are all are attached to the point where we cannot let go of it. The destructive light of media we like to believe in unhealthy news more the worthy news. With news outlets, normally its only one or two decent things and the rest are sad events that occurred or will happen. The negative point on media is that the internet has people believing there isn’t a problem. They would rather listen to bad
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