Media Bias And The Civil Rights Era

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Media bias is a topic that has been in great focus of many political leaders over the past few presidential elections. However, what many people fail to see is that media bias has been around since the beginning of major news companies. Most Americans do not know what media bias is or how to identify it. That stated many people have noticed that most news stations are biased towards one religion, political party or even gender. This has been like this for decades however has become much more prominent during major wars, the great depression and many social and political reforms such as the industrial era or the civil rights era. However the type of bias has been shifted mostly from a war focus and the focus on exposing corruption to…show more content…
As for the sources you should “Be aware of the political perspective of the sources used in a story. Media over-rely on ‘official’ sources. ” These official sources can include, but are not limited to, politically affiliated government sources, corporate sources and opinionated political action committees. After you look at the sources our need to look at the diversity of the cast, the guests and the sources of the story. ThoughtCo. States that “In order to fairly represent different communities, news outlets should have members of [minority] communities in decision-making positions. ” Being able to identify media bias is one of the most important tools because it allows you to find unbiased news articles and compare the level of bias of articles from the past to the present. Examples of Media Bias Media Bias has been a prevalent problem throughout history. For example in 1989 an article titled “Destruction of Warship Maine was the work of the enemy ”. Many would think this is a normal informative article however this article conveyed the idea that the destruction of the Warship was the work of the axis powers. This had been proven to be a simple accident. This is an example of pro-war bias. You can tell this because it is using the Pathos persuasive technique to make the people think that the destruction of the warship Maine was an attack to America and a threat to them personally, thus encouraging them to support the
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