Media Bias In Media

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Media comes in many different forms and is how people stay up to date with world issues, however media is intervening and hurting politics. Media for the most part is controlled by large companies like CNN, The New York Times, and Fox. The owners of these companies all have different political views, which brings up the first argument against media, bias. Bias is a person’s favor towards a political party. In media, the material published will be supportive for the owner’s political background. Another way media is upsetting politics is through manipulation. Sound bites for example are short five to ten seconds clips pulled from speeches. These clips are “highlights” and are a small fraction of what really was said; other strategies include propaganda and controlling public opinion. Lastly the behavior used on social media based around politics is immature and demeaning. In the 2016 election candidates used platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote their campaigns. They also used this to attack each other’s campaign proposals and ethics as well. Because of media bias, the manipulation tactics media uses, and behavior on social media platforms are the reasons why mainstream media is currently damaging to politics. Bias in media is easily identifiable in today’s modern politics, and news channels are the most common culprit, but there is still bias in online publishers for articles as well. The problem that stems from bias in media is the account of how each candidate

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